Dewie W. Submitted 3/5/19

 5 Stars
Dr.Corrigan is a great doctor/provider. He helps patients like myself to get back on track in life. He's understanding. He provides all the information and techniques that I need to make my life better and give me hope. I couldn't ask for a better Doctor. He listens to every thing I say. He answers questions that I need answers for without hesitation. And Dr.Corrigan is the only Doctor I have ever had that cares about his patients as well as their health and mental stability. If it wasn't for him, I don't know where I would be rite now. He is stern,strict, and he will speak what is on his mind. And that 's what we need. A doctor that cares. I give him 5 star's and many more for all he has done for me. He has helped me so much and I thank him for that. I couldn't and wouldn't ask for a better Doctor. Thank you Dr.Corrigan for everything you do,for being there,helping me, and guiding me in the rite direction. As well as keeping me on the rite path.God bless you... 

Courtney M. submitted 2/28/19

5 Stars 

I feel like the professional's at solas really care about me. I have become a better person since solas. They are always efficient with time, and I appreciate that because I normally come with 3 children. Very respectful people. My mother recommended me too solas health before she passed away FEB 10,2018 and I sometimes feel like it was a farewell gift from here because Im not sure where my life would be had she not introduced me too solas. Anytime I have friends or family in the same situation i reffer them too solas just because I know they will get great treatment, non judgemental treatment as well. I am not yet secure enough too discharge myself from solas but I know for a fact they will get me prepared for when I am ready. I love solas! 

Jamie P. submitted 3/16/18

5 Stars

 I LOVE THIS OFFICE!!! Jessica is a lifesaver, she's always supportive and helps me improve my quality of life. The office staff Kristine and Cheryl, the nurses Jill & Claudia all make going to the office a pleasant experience. If you need a lifesaving crew you have found the right place!! 

John L. submitted 3/5/18

 5 Stars

This is a wonderful place to come! Best service I've ever had at any doctor's office. It feels like home when I'm there. Everyone is a joy to be around!! 

Annadell S. submitted 2018

5 Stars

 I love Dr. Corrigan, he is a wonderful doctor to have. I have had to message him on Facebook about issues I'm having and he willingly helps me out, even on the weekends. His staff is generally very friendly, and you don't typically spend much time waiting (there have only been a few occasions where I've had to wait a somewhat long time to be seen, but it's always less than an hour). If you have any chronic pain issues, I highly recommend him! I am not sure about the other doctors or physicians assistants, though. 

Jim J. October 2019

 5 Stars

Very prompt. Very professional. Very respectful