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About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide compassionate and affordable addiction treatment to your local community.  All patients will be treated with dignity and respect.  We believe that a spiritual program of recovery is necessary for patients to have a fulfilling, happy life.  At Solas Health, we will provide a combination of medical treatment and counseling, and suggest other non-medical avenues for achieving the goal of good recovery.  Our providers and staff have a strong connection to the recovery community.   At Solas Health, we suggest that you connect to other human beings with hope, love and friendship, and that you develop a personal relationship with a higher power.  


Experience and Professionalism

We have more than seven years of experience with medication assisted treatment of opioid use disorder using buprenorphine (Suboxone).  We have seen outstanding results with a very high percentage of success.  Evidence based medicine shows that this treatment can produce good results in 90% of patients, with is consistent with our experience.  Hope and freedom from addiction to opiates is a reality.


What do we treat?

We treat patients with opiate dependence, and other substance use disorders.  We treat pregnant patients, we successfully treat patients who have failed multiple inpatient rehab treatments, we transition patients from methadone programs to buprenorphine.  We treat patients who have never attempted to stop using drugs, and patients who have failed multiple attempts at recovery.  Please contact us for a consultation, you can overcome addiction to opiates!


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